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We Offer Reliable Epoxy Flooring Services

Epoxy flooring Burleigh Heads revolutionises floor coverings with its durability, easy maintenance and stylish appearance. Our professional epoxy flooring services in Burleigh Heads and the neighbouring suburbs of Tallai Tallebudgera and Reedy Creek provide various solutions for residential and commercial spaces. With advanced techniques and quality products, we install seamless, high-performance epoxy floors that enhance your interiors beautifully.

From garages to basements, warehouses to commercial offices, our epoxy flooring transforms ordinary concrete into an attractive, lasting floor surface. With extensive experience in Burleigh Heads, we handle the entire epoxy flooring process professionally – preparing the sub-floor, installing the epoxy system flawlessly and curing it for maximum durability. We help you determine the best flooring solution for each unique space. 

We Offer a Wide Range of Services

Epoxy Garage Flooring Gold Coast

Epoxy Garage Flooring

An epoxy coating creates a sleek, clean look for your garage while protecting against stains, chemicals and impacts. Our durable multi-coat garage floor epoxy system starts with thorough sub-floor preparation to ensure proper adhesion.

A primer/sealer coat goes down first to stabilise the concrete. Next, a solid epoxy base coat seals and protects the floor while adding colour and shine. A final clear topcoat provides extra abrasion protection. Anti-slip additives can be included for safety. You can completely transform your garage space with customisable colour options and finishes.

Warehouse Epoxy Flooring

For industrial sites like warehouses and manufacturing facilities, seamless epoxy floors provide superior protection against heavy traffic, spills and chemicals. Our commercial flooring specialists apply durable, high-build coatings specially formulated for industrial use. We work with your needs – from thin sealers to solid quartz flooring. Contrasting colours help delineate safety zones.

With quick installation and minimum downtime, epoxy floors keep your facility operational. An anti-slip finish ensures worker safety. Maintenance is easy with high chemical and abrasion resistance. Heavy-duty epoxy flooring has performed reliably for years in Burleigh Heads warehouses.  

Warehouse Epoxy Flooring Gold Coast
Commercial Epoxy Flooring Gold Coast

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Thanks to its durability, visual appeal, and customisation choices, commercial epoxy flooring is a top pick for high-traffic business spaces in Burleigh Heads. This seamless flooring protects heavy foot traffic while resisting spills, stains, slips, temperature changes, and impact. Its hygienic, easy-clean nature makes it ideal for food service and healthcare sectors.

Epoxy flooring is also reflective to improve lighting, available in various trendy colours and patterns, can display logos/branding, and absorbs sound; for Burleigh Heads companies wanting attractive yet tough floors, Epoxy delivers the perfect blend of form and function. Its resilience ensures safety and minimal disruptions, while creative customisation options let businesses reinforce their brand identity.

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Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Floors Are Sturdy and Long-Lasting

When it comes to epoxy coating, you first think of how hard-wearing and durable it is. That’s why it’s become so popular over the years. Having tough floors is great, especially for surfaces with a lot of wear and tear, like garages or places with heavy foot and vehicle traffic.

Epoxy Coating Can Spruce up Old Concrete (Once Ground Down)

While Epoxy can be put on new concrete, it shines when used on old concrete floors to give them new life. It’s best to put an epoxy coating on slippery old concrete for safety. Epoxy can transform an old concrete floor into something better in no time.

Epoxy Floors Are Non-slip

Unlike just re-surfacing concrete to improve grip, epoxy coatings give you a non-slip surface that works. For your own and others’ safety, always consider epoxy flooring Burleigh Heads where preventing slips is crucial – like hospitals, showrooms, schools for little kids, and more.

Epoxy Floors Resist Spills

If you spill chemicals on epoxy flooring, clean up properly. Our epoxy coatings are long-lasting and don’t absorb liquids. Even hazardous chemicals won’t damage or dampen floors coated with Epoxy. 

Why Hire us for Epoxy Flooring in Burleigh Heads?

Here are some key reasons to hire us for epoxy flooring in Burleigh Heads:

  • Years of Experience – With many years of experience, we are experts in installing commercial epoxy floors in the Burleigh Heads area. We know how to properly prep and apply Epoxy for flawless, long-lasting results.
  • Broad Expertise – Our team is trained to work with various epoxy systems for different performance needs, from high chemical resistance to anti-slip properties. We stay current on the latest advancements.
  • Customisation – We can customise your epoxy floor with logos, designs, patterns, and more to match your brand aesthetic. This creates unique, eye-catching floors.
  • Compliance Focus – Our processes adhere to all relevant health, safety, and environmental regulations. We keep compliance top of mind.
  • Warranties on Work – Our epoxy flooring installations come with manufacturer-backed warranties and our quality guarantees.

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